Meet the Magicians

Meet the magicians

Who are Patricians?

We’re a bunch of misfits who believe that crypto can be simplified into its easiest form. Together, we have created a really interesting place to work. From our lollipop moments to our ambiance and work ethics that encourage growth, Patricia has the best company culture style in Africa.

Patricia-about us

Our History

Take A Walk With Us Down Memory Lane.

We don’t mean to brag, but we only take giant strides here. Led by our multi-award winning CEO & Founder, we’ve moved from: 2 to 350+ employees, 1 to 8+ locations, and 5k to 30k+ daily transactions. We launched Africa’s first and only Bitcoin Debit card, bagged 5 different awards and was named Fourth Canvas’ African Challenger Brands Top 20, all in four years.


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Our Journey So Far

Highlighting Our Milestones And Major Accomplishments

Patricia was born

Patricia was founded on August 16th, 2017, and started its first transactions on Whatsapp

First website launch

Patricia launched her first website, November 20th, 2018.

First 1000 daily transactions

Hit her first 1,000 daily transactions on May 2nd, 2019

First App Launch

Patricia launched her first App, March 1st, 2020. Giving her users an easier and accessible platform

African Challenger Brands Top 20

One of the top 20 brands shaking up existing business categories in Africa.

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje - CEO & Founder
" "There is a lot of chatter around Crypto but not enough people are adopting it as fast as it should be why? 
 The idea of Crypto is still complex, it’s almost as if it is reserved for a select few. 
 This is where Patricia finds a purpose, our purpose is to make Crypto easy for mankind.
 Harnessing and pushing the intrinsic power of Blockchain Technology to the moon. Creating a new and sustainable path for the present and future generations".

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

CEO, Patricia

Our Departments

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The Product Managers, Designers and Data Analysts are a team of awesome minds who constantly build Patricia into the brand that is made for you.

Product and Design

Human Resources

It’s up to us to make people feel at home. Whether working in the office, remotely, or their very own bat cave. We work to attract smart, passionate, humble people and continually improve the employee experience at Patricia.

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With a top-notch strategy of market trends, customer needs, the competitive landscape, and creativity, the marketing department transforms Patricia into a lifestyle meant for everyone.

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We build the technological backbone of the business and empower other teams to thrive. From data engineering to machine learning, we bring the tech skills that turn Patricia's "out of the box" ideas into reality.

Customer Experience Icon

Customer Experience

We have just one rule, When our customers succeed, so do we, it’s as simple as that. Patricia's customers never have to bat an eye when it comes to their needs as they are always met.

Admin team icon


A group of awesome people in charge of making the dream that is the Patricia's workspace come to life, whether it be swapping a desk for the treadmill or building a new meeting room, we make it happen.

Sales Team icon


A team of astounding people whose expertise in customer relationship management is top notch. We manage and track daily customer sales transactions and trade performance.

Finance team icon


We run the numbers like a mathematically minded Benjamin Banneker, we take Patricia's numbers through financial planning, forecasting, analysis, and reporting.

Quality assurance team icon

Quality Assurance

Anytime you get that 'wow' moment while using a Patricia product, know that there is a combination of people who love to ensure that our services meet and surpass the expectations of our customers. This is the Quality Assurance team.

Strategy and Partnerships icon

SCRUM and Productivity

We are your go-to persons for applying scrum to produce high-quality, timely work.

Compliance team icon


A team of great individuals whose eagle eyes are constantly focused on the operations of the company and are always ready to spring to action to either correct anomalies or defend the company where necessary.

Payment team icon


We are the face of financial transactions at Patricia, leveraging on the use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure swift payments, settlement, and reconciliation.

Patrician's Thoughts

Short stories of what it is to be a part of the Patricia team.

Group 2350
The beauty of being a Customer Relations Representative

The smile, the sigh of relief, the laughter, all these and more are what makes being a customer relations representative at Patricia worth it

The Patricia culture is second to none

At Patricia, you are not only motivated to do way past the ordinary but you are also allowed to showcase the real you and overall identity.

Sunny from Patricia
My first day working experience in the Patricia HQ

Excitement is an understatement for what I felt on my first day at Patricia. Not just for the motivating energy the company gives you but also for the fact that I was given the chance to create magic.

Want To Be A Magician?

Is your superpower creating amazing ideas and bringing them to reality? Patricia is the perfect home for you. Let's make magic together.

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