We build the technological backbone of the business and empower other teams to thrive. From data engineering to machine learning, we bring the tech skills that turn Patricia's "out of the box" ideas into reality.

How the team works

The engineering team consists of engineers from all parts of the country working together as one to facilitate growth and foster unity. We are committed to success and dedicated to duty. Every engineer on the team upholds the "doing the most" mantra by doing that extra research and going the extra mile to build a customer-centric product. We've got engineers working on different incredible products that cut across the Patricia Universe as back-end engineers, front-end engineers, mobile engineers, and hardware engineers on the engineering team. Working in Patrica gives you a glimpse of how technology is driving change in almost every industry, such as finance, crypto space, logistics, commerce, and IoT automation.

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Are you a magician with a superpower to create amazing ideas and bring them to reality? Patricia is the perfect home for you let's make magic together.

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