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Have You Lost Access To Your Registered Email?

If you have lost access to your Patricia email, we can help you reset it!

As a way of securing your account whenever a transfer is made from your wallet, an OTP is sent to your registered Patricia mail.

If you aren't getting the code, or no longer have access to your registered Patricia email we can help you reset it.

Please send the following details to [email protected]

  • Your full name and the last 4-digits of your phone number
  • The current email and the new email
  • The reason(s) you are requesting the change
  • A picture of you holding a white paper with the words "Patricia" and today's date boldly written on top.
  • A clear copy of your government-issued ID (Voters Card, Driver's License. National Identity Card, NIN Slip)

Once your email is received, a reset would be made within 12hours if everything checks out.

For further assistance, please contact us on;

Submit a ticket: