Understanding Cryptography In Sixty Seconds.

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You may have often wondered how cryptocurrency transactions are made secure. So much so that it cannot possibly be hacked.

What is Cryptography?
These are methods to protect information and secure communications through encryption and related techniques.

Here's a great example:
These days when you open a contact's profile on WhatsApp you see a message that reads thus: "Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted". What WhatsApp has done here is to protect the data you share with your circle of influence through Encryption.

Here's how to do it.
To protect your message, WhatsApp first converts the readable message to an unreadable form. Here, it is converted into a bunch of random numbers.

After that, they use a unique key to encrypt it. In Cryptography, this is called ciphertext.

WhatsApp sends this ciphertext or encrypted message over the communication channel. This way, they can assure you that no one will read your private texts.

The simple process explained above involves encoding messages using symmetric and asymmetric keys, which functions separately for sending and receiving data securely.

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Understanding Cryptography In Sixty Seconds.

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