VIP & personalized crypto OTC for individuals and businesses

Are you an institution, a high volume trader or a new crypto bro, we have designed our hassle-free OTC desk just for you.

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What is OTC?

Our Over-the-counter (OTC) desk is an exclusive and more personalized service outside of the Patricia App. Where high net-worth individuals can get instant liquidity for their bulk trades, with utmost privacy and the most competitive rates.

Trade on the exchange with the most benefits

Our OTC is designed to give you value for your time and money.


Personalized trading experience

Our dedicated agents provide OTC trading services for you based on your preferences and are available 24/7 to work with you.


Unlimited coins options

Expand your portfolio trading Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), etc. If your preferred coin isn’t listed, kindly request it.


Personalized advisory service

Your crypto education resources are tailored to fit your trading/investment needs.

support agent

Get support whenever you need it

We are here for you, literally, any time of the day you need us.

The OTC Desk Process

  • Onboarding

    You’ll receive a secure link directly to your authorized personal/business email to submit the required details and documents. Our team will approve this and you can begin trading.

  • Trading & Communication

    Our communication lines are clear and open from trade to settlements. Our trade agents are available to walk you through a personalized experience that ensures you are involved in every step.

  • Payment & Settlement

    The settlement timeline for each trade volume will be communicated before each trade is initiated. For example; a 100BTC trade will not be treated to the same settlement timeline as a $50,000 trade.


OTC Trading Platforms

Because, your satisfaction is our priority, we asked high net worth traders in our community on the fastest communication channels they find convenient for trading. And we’ve decided on three trading channels based on feedback.


An assigned Account Manager will create a Whatsapp group solely for your trades. The trades in this group will be actively treated 24/7 by a trading team


If you prefer to properly document your trades from execution to settlement. An account manager will follow up with you via your authorized email.


Crypto chiefs like you share ideas and network on our Telegram community.

OTC Products

With Patricia, transactions are easy and payments are instant

Fiat settlements we provide


We support all coin swaps

An unending list of coins to swap based on request.


Start your journey to the moon here chief

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We're as borderless as our payments

Make high-volume crypto trades any time and anywhere you wish without stress.


Frequently asked questions

Can I Buy Bitcoin From Patricia and Transfer to Another Wallet?

Yes you can.

With Patricia, you can send and receive Bitcoin from anyone.

For further assistance, please contact us on;

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Can I Make Deposits Using A Foreign Card

No Chief, currently, this feature is not enabled.

Can I mine my BTC on Patricia?

Hi Chief, This feauture is not aVailable at the moment as you can only Receive, Send, Buy and Sell BTC on Patricia.

You can also store your BTC In your wallet as your wallet is 100% safe.

For further assistance, please contact us on;

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Can My Bitcoin Get Lost?

Yes chief, however, this is only when they are sent to any other network asides from the blockchain network, you can also lose your BTC if the wallet address is not correct.

Generally, we suggest you verify the wallet address before you send out your Bitcoin from PATRICIA.

How can I invest in Bitcoin

Many people would have heard about bitcoin but are still hesitating; because they do not fully understand it. Although there’s a plethora of information about crypto trading, we realized that this could be overwhelming for newbie crypto traders.

Click here to learn about Bitcoin

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