Patricia Technologies Goes Live with Over The Counter Trades

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We must have heard the term Over-The-Counter being used sparsely in conversations among bankers, traders and high net worth persons who deal with bulk transactions. But are you familiar with OTC crypto trading?

On this note, we are proud to announce the launch of our new product, Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading. This product has been in the Patricia trading system since the business started operations in the year …

What is OTC?
OTC Trading are private deals for buying or selling crypto. Transactions on OTC are completely private, hence there is no public order book. On OTC trading, there is increased privacy for both buyers and sellers.

What does this launch mean for Patricia crypto traders?

OTC trading have always been a part of our business processes, but now, we’ve made it even better- our customersOver-The-Counter enables bulk crypto traders to transact with ease, exclusivity and convenience with a designated Patricia Over-The-Counter team set up specifically to attend to high net worth individuals looking to buy or sell large.

Here are some reasons why you should trade OTC with Patricia

  1. It’s instant! Your transactions are on time, we guarantee zero delays.
  2. It’s reliable: You can rely on your number 1 trading partner, Patricia, to provide you with the best service.
  3. It’s convenient. You can trade with a trusted agent wherever you are.
  4. It’s exclusive. You can trade one-on-one with your dedicated account officer.

Want to know more about Patricia’s OTC trading?

Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve curated to help you learn more about the product and how it benefits you as a crypto trader.

To learn more About our OTC desk; please click here

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Patricia Technologies Goes Live with Over The Counter Trades

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