Crypto Round-Up: - Celebrity Apes, Metaverse Frenzy, Bans, regulations and more bans.

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__Hey Crypto folks! __

January 2022 didn't come with all the action a lot of us expected to see in the Crypto space. Although this doesn't mean that nothing interesting happened, on the contrary, the Crypto market has somehow managed to hold everyone’s attention despite everything.

The highlights are here and it’s a razzle-dazzle of brands joining the metaverse, Disney’s Technology trademark filing, Celeb NFT frenzy, Russia’s Crypto bans and regulation laws.

Metaverse frenzy
Ever since Facebook’s announcements of their name change to “META”, Metaverse has become a buzzword and everyone wants to get in on it. We’ve seen brands like Nike, and Disneyfiling Patent’s for their individual Metaverse themed technology and Amazon & Walmart delving into virtual shopping experiences for customers amongst many others.

Celeb NFT Frenzy
2021, saw the birth of huge NFT projects like Crypto punks, Bored Ap Yath club and a bunch of other cool projects. This January saw Celebrities and their favourite brands catch the NFT Fever.
Between Serena Williams, Eminem, Kelvin art, Justin Beiber, all laid down cool cash in exchange for exquisite Crypto artworks (NFT). Although,

Paris Hilton took it up a notch when she decided on an NFT giveaway on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. House Hennessy was not left out as they offered exclusive access to the Hennessy Estate in France to the buyers of their very first NFT.

Bans, Regulations and Crypto Bills.
In late January Russia decided that mining and use of cryptocurrencies would not be permitted in the country. While India decided it was time to allow Crypto trades to go on within the country but with a 30% tax on profits. Amidst this, a Mississippi senator has introduced a bill to recognize Bitcoin in the state code, shortly after Arizona lawmakers moved to make Bitcoin a legal tender in the state.

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Crypto Round-Up: - Celebrity Apes, Metaverse Frenzy, Bans, regulations and more bans.

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