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We like to think of ourselves as superheroes here at Patricia. We aren’t in the business of doing things just because they are routine. We are in the business of creating solutions that are simply mind-blowing.

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Ever imagined crypto being fun as well as functional? Well, we too have, and we have created Patricia to do just that. Come on board and experience crypto the redefined way.

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More than creating a seamless platform for you to perform crypto transactions, we are with you every step of the way, providing you with tips and tricks to becoming a crypto guru.

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With Patricia Refill, you can buy data, pay your cable bills, and buy airtime both locally and internationally, all with crypto.


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Patricia is secure and trustworthy

Trusted by millions globally for its secure platform, we are confident to say that your crypto is in the right hands.

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Everyone loves an easy-to-use platform, that is why our top priority is providing you with seamless services you can enjoy without breaking a sweat.

Patricia is built for you

Patricia is built for you

Every one of our services is built with you in mind. Beating our chest we can say, we give you the best crypto experience.

Accept payments globally with cryptocurrency. Be limitless

Accept payments globally
with cryptocurrency.
Be limitless

Enjoy bordeless payments with Patricia Business. Our solution
is user friendly, fast and secure.

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Learn - Your Dictionary To Everything Crypto

Crypto: The Secret Ingredient of the Future
Cryptocurrency Webinar 2 mins
Crypto: The Secret Ingredient Of The Future

Everyone has that favorite meal that they can cook with their eyes closed. While some recipes are easily available for anyone to learn from, some come with more complicated processes.

You might ask what the relationship between food and crypto is, but have you ever thought of crypto as being the secret ingredient of the future of finance? The secret recipe that no one wants to reveal, hence the whole world learns of its relevance.

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency and cross-border transactions.
At Patricia, what we do is centred on making crypto transactions easy, convenient and you can rely on us for all your crypto trades.

While cryptocurrency traders are like chefs whose goal is dedicated to see the preparation of each irresistible dish, to prepare that one dish everyone cannot resist, so they keep coming back for more and eventually, other chefs would find ways to try to replicate that same dish.

With the development of numerous cryptocurrencies since the first one emerged in 2010, we can say that crypto is fast becoming part of the financial market.

This inclusion benefits more than just the crypto traders. It affects the world at large and the future of how transactions are made.

This currency of the future will enable small businesses to thrive when it comes to payments. In present times, some offline stores already accept bitcoin as a payment method. Even though there are less than a handful in Africa, there’s more in other parts of the world. This is not excluding the various sectors of the economy- education, healthcare, creative industries, and others.

A decade from now, the universal language of money would no longer be fiat, it would be cryptocurrency, and that’s a fact yet to be proven, but certain to come true.

Patricia Refill - A Crypto Payment Solution for Everyday Payments
Others Refill 2 mins
Patricia Refill - A Crypto Payment Solution for Everyday Payments

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a seemingly never-ending stream of obligations. That’s why finding easy solutions remains the bedrock of Patricia. We make it a priority to make life easier by offering practical financial solutions that help you make the most of your crypto.

Patricia offers a secure platform for trading and storing digital currencies. Aside from that, our mobile app provides a fantastic experience allowing you to access your funds at any time and from any location, as well as perform a variety of other transactions while on the go. It's simple to navigate the app and use all of its features, and we're always working to improve it to make it even better.
Take Refill, for example, our solution to stressful recurring bill payments and excessive transaction charges. Refill connects you to the services you use most frequently, such as DSTV, power, airtime, and internet subscriptions (for MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile etc.). You can pay for all these with bitcoin, straight from the Patricia app. We’ve made all bill payments simple on the Patricia app with zero transaction charges for subscriptions.

Rather than going through the exhausting process of keeping up with never-ending bills and paying them via various platforms, Patricia allows you to pay your bills with crypto on the go. And with every airtime and data recharge, you enjoy a 2% cashback. Refill is currently available to users in Nigeria and Ghana. To use the service, log into the Patricia app. Click Refill, and select any of the bill options to make payments instantly.

Users who own cryptocurrency should be able to spend it without having to exchange it for fiat first, and they should be able to make daily purchases and payments with it directly from their Wallet. With Refill, we’ve made that possible.

For more information or inquiries, please reach out to the Support Team @Patriciahelpdesk. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest crypto news and all our new app features.

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Taking Down the Barriers to Cryptocurrency: Why Adoption Requires Education.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade, yet many people still don't understand how they function or why they are important. This why education plays a key role in driving cryptocurrency adoption.

Cryptocurrency 3 mins
Taking Down the Barriers to Cryptocurrency: Why Adoption Requires Education.

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It really feels good to have Patricia around, the best platform where you can trade your Cryptocurrencies. I am blessed to be among the one in a million to experience it.


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CBN crypto ban aftermath: Patricia relocates headquarters from Lagos to Estonia

The ban forced players within the space to device new models to survive. For instance, Patricia announced a new platform, Glover Exchange as the new entity responsible for the day-to-day operations for its Gift cards, Airtime2Cash, and refill services (Bill Payments)

Nigeria’s Patricia Relocates To Estonia. Here’s What It Means To Headquarter An African Startup Abroad

The major difference between a foreign branch and a local company headquartered in Estonia is that the foreign company with a local branch in Estonia is not a different legal entity than the foreign company. As such, the foreign company is responsible for the activities and duties of the branch in Estonia