Patricia Refill

How can I pay for my Cable subscription ?

Ensure that your wallet is funded Chief.


If you're logged in to the website,


From your dashboard;


- Click on "Refill"


- Click on "Cable TV/internet subscription"


- Select either "cable payment" or "internet service subscription", depending on the transaction you'll like to make


- Select your payment method, (you can choose to pay with either BTC or Naira)


- Select the Bill type.


- Fill out the required information.



If you're using the mobile app,


- Login to your account.


- Tap Refill and select Cable TV.


- Select a TV network


- Select a subscription plan.


- Input your unique identifier number.


- Tap continue to review your request and authorize your transaction.


Your cable TV account or your internet provider's account would be automatically credited within 20minutes - 1 hour


However, you would be required to use a 2FA if you have exceeded a purchase of 3 times in a month.